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The Tea House of Griffith Park

Behold the hidden wonders of Los Angeles: the quiet grand opening of a beautiful – yet small – wood structure high upon Mount Bell now commonly known as the “Tea House”. The structure is actually made with the wood from trees which burned in the 2007 Griffith Park fire. This 80 square foot structure was constructed by local artists in the middle of the night, carrying each of its pieces and bolting them to an existing concrete foundation. The small structure offers breathtaking views of the San Gabriel mountain range.

Six months ago, the artists began working on the structure by carving the old wood left from the fire along with older redwood trees the city had cut down and planned to put in the wood chipper. A professional woodworker helped create a design from these materials: “a slat roof inspired by Japanese lines, as well as strategically placed windows that frame views of the city and the mountains.”

The Tea House comes complete with a carving of a griffin in its eaves. It’s amazing what beautiful real estate is being built right under our noses! 🙂

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